R5 Rocks the World

An interactive map I made for the R5 band via CrowdSurge. Fans could vote for their city to be added to the R5 world tour.

Squares Animation

2D Squares animation, also for CrowdSurge. Clicking a diamond would zoom it to the foreground to show UGC. Used paper.js for canvas animation. A demo version can be seen here.

Pool Party

A realtime open source clone built on the SoundCloud API. Built with node.js, angular and redis.


Helped create initial version of payments system. Wrote server in node.js and client with angluar. Integrated with Balanced payments API to perform ACH debits and credits.

Indaba Music

Helped rewrite Indaba Music server and web front end. Created a new web client in angular.js and helped implement new API server in Ruby.

Teach For America

Maintained old static HTML website and helped develop a migration strategy to move site to a CMS.